Wilde Relocation relies on a team of highly professional, creative, hard-working employees and contractors. We are all at least bilingual; many of us speak several languages fluently. We know our cities very well and are deeply committed to performing as ambassadors for them.

Relocation Consultant is not a profession you can study at the university. The overall variety of tasks the job requires is reflected in the variety of professional backgrounds of our staff: we are translators, social workers, cultural administrators, secretaries, and more. Above all, every member of our team is well experienced in her/his specialty: administration, home search, server management, marketing, and other fields.

When you rely on us, we take you along, step by step, to make your relocation a pleasant and smooth experience. It is our goal to make you feel welcome in your new home from the very first contact.


Berlin Office


Karen Wilde

Head of Wilde Relocation

Thomas Bosowski

Visa and Immigration Consultant

Jana Halama

Visa and Immigration Consultant / Relocation Consultant for home search

Antje Lopez

Visa and Immigration Consultant

Gina Maria Holzapfel

Visa and Immigration Consultant / Intercultural Training

Martine Max

Relocation Consultant

our new team members


Lena Gellert

Visa and Immigration Consultant / Relocation Consultant for Home Search

Elaine Haller

Visa and Immigration Consultant, Intercultural Training

Vera Sedlak

Office Manager

Julia Wojdat

working student



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Corona Virus

Dear Client,
Wilde Relocation is closely monitoring the evolving situation of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak in Germany and worldwide. We want to share with you which steps we are taking to support the health authorities in their efforts to prevent further spreading of the virus, as well as what you can do in this situation. WILDE Relocation is doing its best to follow the official recommendations of the German health authorities to keep our customers and team members safe.
Please note that due to these precautions (avoid public transportation) we cannot always accompany our clients to the immigration office as well as to other official appointments at the moment. If this will be the case, your employee will be informed and we will continue to be available for your employees in the best way we can online/via phone before and after the appointment and accompany them by telephone during their appointment if necessary. We will continue to support our clients with official registration, tax ID, tax class change, KITA voucher and child benefit but due to the precautions we might have to choose different ways of working (digital, phone, postal) which may lead to a longer processing time. We hope for your understanding and patience in this matter.
Please be rest assured that we are doing the best we can to provide our continuous excellent support to you and your employees.

What are the current actions of Wilde Relocation?

  1. We are constantly reviewing German health authorities’ instructions and the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute. If and when necessary, we are adapting required changes to our internal policies and action plans.
  2. We have strengthened our cleanliness and hygiene measures within our team and office, including extra cleaning of high-volume touchpoints such as doorknobs, countertops etc.
  3. We have advised our whole team to work from home for the safety of yours and our employees and to support the health authorities in preventing further spreading of the Corona Virus. You can reach all our Account managers on their cell phone number. (please find them in their respective e-mail signature).
  4. We instructed our employees to closely follow local health guidelines.
  5. We reduced face-to-face meetings within our company and switched to phone or video-calls.
  6. We reduced our visits in the government offices for administrative tasks such as registration, tax ID, tax class change and try to organize as much as possible online / via phone.
  7. In case of a personal meeting with your employee our team is instructed to welcome you without physical contact, i.e. wave instead of the regular used handshake.

What can you contribute?

  1. If you or your employees are required to a self-isolation / quarantine, and/or if you / your employees are suffering from fever, respiratory difficulties, coughing, etc. – we ask you to follow local health guidelines in full. If in doubt, please take extra precaution steps to keep everyone safe. For more information please see: https://www.berlin.de/sen/gesundheit/themen/gesundheitsschutz-und-umwelt/infektionsschutz/coronavirus/coronavirus-prevention-in-berlin-903922.en.php
  2. Frequently and thoroughly clean hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. https://www.who.int/gpsc/clean_hands_protection/en/
  3. When coughing and sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with inner elbow or tissue, then throw the tissue away and wash hands with soap and water.
  4. Reduce unnecessary face-to-face meetings / the number of physical participants per meeting and switching to other communication channels such as telephone or video-calls.
  5. Reduce physical contact, i.e. wave instead of a handshake.
  6. Stay informed about the current situation through official sources like the Robert Koch Institute https://www.rki.de/EN/Home/homepage_node.html or the Berliner Charité https://www.charite.de/en/clinical_center/themes_hospital/faqs_on_sars_cov_2/

What to do in the event of suspected or confirmed Corona Virus cases?

In the event you or any of your employees were in contact with a confirmed Corona Virus patient in the last 14 days and you have been meeting one of our employees, please inform us immediately via mail or phone and follow the steps recommended by Berlin authorities https://www.berlin.de/sen/gesundheit/themen/gesundheitsschutz-und-umwelt/infektionsschutz/coronavirus/coronavirus-prevention-in-berlin-903922.en.php.
We value your support and cooperation during this time and will update you as needed.
Together we are always stronger. ♥


In May 2018: Graffiti workshop together with HR professionals on the subject “onboarding”

In January 2018: Cultural Sponsoring: Wilde Relocation supports the Berlin Premier of the film, "The Picture of the Day"

Wilde Relocation co-sponsored the Berlin Premier of the film “The Picture of the Day” at the Cinestar-Kino in der Kulturbrauerei, mid-January 2018. The director, Jo-Anne Velin, and some of the people who appear in the film, introduced the audience to the film and took questions later. The reception afterward, open to the whole audience, included many Wilde Relocation employees and business partners.

“Forget what you think a documentary film should be,” suggested the director Jo-Anne Velin, before the screening began in the full cinema. “Just forget everything that you might have heard about Troeglitz and the people living there – just don’t think,” was the Canadian director’s invitation, in a typical mix of German and English. Troeglitz is the small community in Saxony-Anhalt, south of Berlin three hours. It is part of the greater Elsteraue Municipality, and it’s across this region that the film was shot. In April 2015, one image went around the world and put Troeglitz on the map: the burnt out roof of a building intended to house asylum-seekers, in the year over a million refugees arrived in Germany.

During 90 minutes, many different long-term residents are seen and heard in “The Picture of the Day” – Jo-Anne Velin was able to give time and space to the many people who had been overwhelmed by the tremendous media presence in their village. The director spent 100 days spread out over 17 months in the region – a long time in which the residents cautiously accepted the film project and feel closer to us. In fine, sensitive, unjudgemental pictures, their way of life gradually unfolds – how people congregated in church to pray for peace; how the football team includes some of the refugees; or how a local couple who run their third-generation bakery speak out for “love, tolerance, and a peaceful way of life together.”

The people who live there are revealed in poetic, esthetic moments. These are people who stay invisible – often by choice – in the broader media picture of the region. But in particular, two young girls are unforgettable, 9 year-olds who plan their lives together as they play in a childhood heaven of muddy farmfields, a clean brook, or in the gymnastics club. Seemingly unaffected by the political tensions, they see their future based on their own deep friendship, and can’t imagine what it would be like to live without one another. Afterward, on-stage, the girls came across as fresh and open as they are on-screen.

“The Picture of the Day” challenges prejudice without whitewashing the issues that affect Germany now. Films like this are driven by the will to understand better, where people come from and how they live together. The region portrayed in “The Picture of the Day” has been shaped by over a hundred years of different waves of migration, a history that is easily overlooked by current headlines. Through associative images and sound, the film connects that history to the flight of people forced to seek a new home now.

Wilde Relocation is delighted with the turnout and the lively reception afterward, and wishes the film much success as it begins its cross-Germany tour.